No two runners are the same. Our DNA makes us unique. But specialist running outfitter BROOKS has now successfully managed to decode the DNA of running.

Up to this moment in time, all the shock absorption systems to be found in modern sports shoes have been designed for totally average runners of medium height. Taller and faster runners hence had to make do with shoes that were too soft for them, while smaller and slower runners find them much too hard. And that despite the fact that absolutely average runners are few and far between. Most runners for this reason rely on shoes whose shock absorption does not really answer their needs. With BROOKS DNA™, the high performance running brand has now finally developed a shock absorber system that adjusts to the requirements of all runners.
What is DNA™?

BROOKS DNA™ always offers a perfect balance between shock absorption and energy feedback. The material itself is less of a solid than an extremely viscous liquid that behaves like millions of small elastic springs on a molecular level. The ground-breaking BROOKS DNA™ shock absorption technology hence immediately adjusts to the specific biomechanics, speed and weight of every runner.
The new shock absorption technology benefits from optimal energy feedback. With conventional sole materials, the energy feedback peters out as the impact force rises. This is also the reason why some shoes feel kind of „flat“ after a certain period of time. Exactly the opposite applies with BROOKS. With BROOKS DNA™, higher impact forces also boost the energy feedback.
BROOKS have thoroughly analyzed a large number of runners and running styles in order to develop the special form of the DNA™-elements. This way BROOKS found out where the pressure load of the sole is the greatest, and integrated the DNA™-elements at these very spots.


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